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Screamin' Eagle Twin Cam Performance Cams- SE-204 | 25464-06

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Camshafts are a fundamental ingredient in the performance recipe, because they control the timing and duration of all major engine events. They are the primary means by which you can tune your engine’s horsepower and torque output. Every cam has unique lift and overlap performance characteristics, which means you need to select cams based on exactly the kind of power you’re looking for.
Midrange torque bolt-in cam produces peak horsepower around 5800 RPM
Installation does not require any headwork or performance valve springs
Should be used in conjunction with open intake and exhaust
Kit includes front and rear cams
Splined rear cam is included for exceptional load handling capability
Gaskets and bearings not included
Dealer installation is recommended and special tools are required for proper installation
All EFI models require ECM calibration
Street legal on '11-'13 103CI Touring and Trike models equipped with Fatshotz Mufflers P/N 80847-10

Intermountain H-D Part#: